Two Factor Authentication

Protect your AGON account with Google Authenticator

Install "Google Authenticator" from the Google Play Store or AppStore on the smartphone you want to use this feature with.

Open the personal data in your AGON account.
For two-factor authentication, click on "Activate".
A QR code and a private key will appear.

With the Authenticator, you can either scan the QR code or enter the private key by hand.
Over the eMail address in the Authenticator now appears a 6-digit code which in turn is to be entered into the code input field in your account data. Click on "send code"

Upon successful installation, your AGON account will now be syncronized with your smartphone via your email address and secured with two-factor authentication.

If you now want to log in to your AGON account, please also open the Google Authenticator on your mobile phone. After entering the email address and password in the registration in the AGON shop you will be asked for a code. Enter the 6-digit code displayed in the Google Authenticator and click on "Send Code". Now you are logged into the AGON shop with your account.

During authentication, you can specify whether the code is valid for 30 days in the browser you are using. In this case, you only need to enter your e-mail address and password as usual for the next 30 days on this PC. Then the shop will ask you again for an authentication code.

You can deactivate the function of two-factor authentication at any time in your personal settings.
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