Status ratings

Original match worn shirts

All match worn shirts are confirmed 100% original. They receive a burglary- and forgery-proof mark. We grant a livelong guarantee of authenticity which we confirm with an Agon certificate of authenticity. Both the shirt and its buyer will be stored in a database. The marks on the shirt are invisible, odourless and materially neutral. They can be identified only by a special Agon SportsWorld scanner or by the police. Thus you receive an optimal  protection against theft for you collector’s item. This shirts are marked with our security emblem and receive a status rating.

Status – What‘s that?
All shirts are checked for their authenticity and provided with a status-rating which consist of a three character combination. The first character corresponds to the authenticity (A=original), the second corresponds with the match and the third character corresponds with the origin of the shirt. The letter A thus stands for an information completely confirmed. “AAA” is the best status.

The status gives information about the fundamental characteristics of the shirt: 1. Authenticity, 2. Proof as to when the shirt was worn, 3. Origin

1)    A=    The authenticity of the shirt was checked and can be confirmed 100%.
       B=    The authenticity of the shirt was checked and cannot be confirmed completely.
       C =    There are major doubts about the authenticity
2)    A =    The shirt was worn in a specified match.
       B =    The shirt was worn during a specified season or tournament.
       C =    No unambiguous assignment as to when the shirt was worn can be made.
3)    A =    The shirt comes directly from the player. He either wore it himself or swapped it with a player of the opponent team.
       B =    The shirt comes directly from an official, the equipment manager, the club or an official charity auction.*
       C =    The shirt comes from a collector who without any doubt received it from the player, an official, the equipment manager, the club or from an official charity auction.* Likewise, the shirt may come from trade with a checkable certificate of authenticity.**
       D=    The shirt comes from a collector yet its origin is unknown.

* =Agon knows the name of the person who sells the shirt. Yet the name must not be given due to data protection provisions or out of private reasons as the seller might not want to give their name. The player, official, equipment manager, official or club sold the shirt via an intermediary to stay anonym. Authenticity and origin of the shirt are beyond any doubt.
**=Certificates of authenticity must include a detailed description of the subject they certify. There should also be photos of the shirt in question 8front and back side). There must be to complete address of the certifier and the name of the expert in letters and handwriting. There should be a date of issue, too. If the certificate of authenticity misses only one of the above it becomes worthless. It cannot be taken as proof at any possible trial.
Do not put your hands at item with such „certificates of authenticity“. In most cases there is something wrong with the item that is on sale.
Important! Please do take your time and read what is written on the certificate of authenticity. It often is the case that for a signed shirt there is only proof of the authenticity of the autograph, not of the shirt. You might not find any statement concerning the shirt. Due to skilful phrases buyers are led to the impression that both shirt and signature are authentic. At most times, the signature is original but the shirt comes directly from the club shop.

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