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Valuable Clues to our Antiquarian Bookshop

Most of the books we offer in our antiquarian book shop are very rare and only 1 or 2 copies of them are in stock.  It is not unusual that some of these rare pieces attract up to a hundred orders. We proceed the orders according to receipt of orders, i.e. first come first served, be it via online-shop, email, letter, telefax, phone call or when personally visiting our retail store. All other go away empty-handed and should show good sportsmanship. At the Olympic Games there is only one gold medal in each competition. Maybe you are fastest next time. To reduce the dissappointment it might be a good idea provide a few substitude orders, just in case.

You will find a description of the condition in the detailed view of each item. If there are more than 1 copies of the item in stock, the copy with the weakest condition is referred to but we deliver the best copy first. The number of copies in stock is indicated when you are ordering. The system will not allow to order a number of copies exceeding the number in stock at the preceding update.

Many pictures in our shop are exemplary as we cannot separately depict every item of which we have several copies in stock.The pictures often show a combination of all possible variations (i.e. different cover versions. In case you prefer a special version, please mention it when placing your order.

Book jackets
Many books - especially those with a linen cloth - will be supplied with a "dust jacket". This dust jacket protects the tender cover of linen or leather etc. And it allows an elaborate design of the cover by the use of multicoloured printing. Unfortunately it is just these jackets that suffer most from the use of years and tend to get lost in the end. If possible the pictures in our online-shop show books with and without dust jackets at the same time. Pictures of dust jacketed books are often taken from mint copies we had on stock years ago. In general the books we offer are without dust jacket. In case a copy with jacket is on stock you will get that one. If the dust jacket is mandatory to you, please contact us or make a comment in your order.

Journals / Complete Years
In "Sports Journals" we are offering complete years of journals, compilations and single numbers from the last 120 years. Complete years may be on stock as bound volumes or in loose form, so please tell us when placing your order if you prefer one or the other. We control the completeness of years when purchased and indicate potentially missing numbers. The completeness of particular numbers can be viewed only at random because working costs would top the year's value.   Sollten bei diesen Stichproben allerdings Fehlstellen, Fehlseiten, handschriftliche Vermerke oder anderweitige Mängel auffallen, wird dieser Jahrgang näher begutachtet alle Mängel ebenfalls in der Beschreibung vermerkt. In case we discover any damages in this random viewing, a close and strict examination will follow so all the damages like missing spots, torn pages, inscriptions etc. can be described at length.  We apply the same procedure as with manifold antiquarian books: description according to weakest copy and best copy will come first. The pictures of the journal years are exemplary: particular volumes may have been privately bound in most different manners. Single numbers may look different as well according to creases, used fringes, yellowing and storing traces.

As we get a lot of orders from outside of the online-shop, for example by letter, by telefax, by regular email or by phone our merchandise management system is not working online. That means processing the orders from outside the system will not automatically adapt the stock numbers. Sometimes items still on offer in the online-shop for a certain time are effectively sold out. We are operating updates once or twice a day to minimize the problem of such a divergence.


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